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I have been a photographer for most of my life. As a young child I began observing and recording life around me using a simple Brownie camera.  Later, I added a Polaroid and a 35mm film camera. In college I was given access to a darkroom and began to develop and print my photos. When the world transitioned to digital photography, so did I, though I also continued to use film.

After retiring from a long career as a Public Defender in Paterson, NJ, I took film and digital photography classes at Montclair State University and also worked in the darkroom.

I am inspired to find new meanings in the urban landscapes and natural world that surround us. My photographs reflect my interpretation of the social and aesthetic realms of human experience. 

I live in Montclair, New Jersey  My photography has been exhibited at Studio Montclair and I have 4 works on permanent exhibition at the ADP Center for Learning Technologies at Montclair State University.  

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